Sonplus Violins Support

Some tips to encrease performance

We mount Galli Strings Standard on our violins; They are good strings with medium electric impedance and steel.

For improved midi performance and tracking we recommend: Galli Ouverture or Daddario Helicore, when mounting strings with less metal inside is possible adjust gain for each string and have good volume balance.



Notes on MIDI tracking:
For a good pitch to MIDI-tracking it is very important to have a very clean playing style, this prevents spurious sounds.


Notes on MIDI latency:

PCM sounds with the GR 55 have a very low latency: 0.7 ms max.

MODELLING Synth Sounds and other GR55 sounds do not have any latency.

Spare parts for X-Evon and V-Jazz violins

To buy spare parts for old Cantini violin models mail to: